Tomboy (short) Film by David Whitehead.
Coming-of-age story of Robin, a teenage girl who is bullied at school and doesn’t seem to fit in.

Inside steady hands (Documentary) Film by Adam Fraser and Nicola Davidson.
An insight into the strange world of actor Nick Gibson and the making of Steady Hands

Play (Short) Film by Muriel d’ Ansembourg
Coming-of-age story of 12 year old Leila discovering what really happens when dares are played for real

Steady hands (Short) Film by Adam Fraser. Robert Self. Nicola Davidson.
A photographer is captured through the lens

Tinkerbell (Animation) Film by Catherin Howells.
A magical encounter

Gollop (Documentary) Film by James Harrison.
This is a naturalistic documentary following the life of poll winning Guernsey politician John Gollop.

The hunt (Short) Film by Chris Nunn.
The adventures of captain Danny Bennett and his pirate crew as they attempt to find the long, lost treasure of the legendary Captain treebeard, if they can read the map that is…

Yesterday’s colours (Documentary) Film by Jasmine Hetherington Wilkes.
A five minutes documentary that captures a sense of time, which most of us have been thrilled by at one point in our lives..

The big stick up (Short) Film by Martin Winters.
A small town betting shop is continuesly robbed three times in one afternoon by three seperate gangs. The robbers are completely unaware of each others pressence but soon all is revealed and a bloody outcome awaits.

Cultural revolution II. (Documentary) Film by Zian Ai Zhang.
Zian Ai mainly seeks to portray the life and mentality of people in post-cultural revolution China, and the changes that have taken place in the economic and ideological spheres.

Eco Cider (Short) Film by Lukas Chwalko.
The magical drink, do not waste your energy use it !

Four thieves and the no so sweet shop (Short) Film by Ryan Braund.
Gang of sweet-toothed thieves attempt to steal the world’s largest gobstopper from a murderous old man.

Careers: A Secret service. (Documentary) Film by Trevor Harris.
This documentary looks at the lives and feelings of careers

Siva the insane, the moral crusader (Short) Film by Siva M. Sivakumaran.
A man called Siva intervenes towards a evil plan of a robberies, he became local hero and decides to form a political party to clean up British politics and corruption.

Ralph. Someone to me (Documentary) Film by Stephanie de Palma.
The Film depicts the life of a man who describes the trials and demons that he faced, leading to his ultimate demise.

Curiosity (Short) Film by Jack Curtis.
James finds himself in a spot of bother after his curious nature gets the better of him during his first ever job interview.

Dead fish and unused condoms (Short) Film by Alfie Dale.
After the death of his goldfish, purposeless Fred discovered his inner poet, featuring a dead fish in a unused condom

The judgment of Paris (Short) Film by Camille van Zadelhoff.
The famous ancient Greek mythology about temptation deception and the dilemma of making choices, situated in a modern time.

You are the one (Animation) Film by Cathrin Howells.
Musical which tells us about the search for love.